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In today’s world, social media platforms like Instagram have become a significant part of our daily lives. 

From sharing photos to expressing our thoughts, we use Instagram to connect with our friends and followers. And what better way to make your posts stand out than by adding a BTS lyrics caption? 

BTS, the world-famous K-Pop band, has touched millions of hearts with their music, and its lyrics are no exception. From inspirational messages to emotional confessions, BTS lyrics can add depth and emotion to your Instagram posts.

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"I'm living just to meet you, da di da di day" - Dynamite by BTS
"You got me, I dream while looking at you" - Best of Me by BTS
"I’m the one I should love in this world" - Epiphany by BTS
"I can't live without you, so let's live together" - Love Maze by BTS
"I’ll hold your hand as if I’ll never let go" - Hold Me Tight by BTS
"If you can’t fly, then run. Today we will survive" - Not Today by BTS
"All the pain, the sorrow, the sadness will disappear without a trace" - Life Goes On by BTS
"I know that your hesitation is because of you, not because of me" - Love Yourself: Answer by BTS
"You know you're my saving grace" - Trivia: Love by BTS
"I'm your Calico cat here to see you" - Cat & Dog by BTS and TXT
"I just wanna be myself, and I want you to love me for who I am" - Idol by BTS
"I'm here to love myself" - Answer: Love Myself by BTS
"My heart is incomplete, it’s missing you" - Magic Shop by BTS
"I’m singing my blues" - Singularity by BTS

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"It's okay to shed the tears, but don't you tear yourself" - Spring Day by BTS
"Don’t worry about anything else, love myself and I'm fly" - Idol by BTS
"Every time I see you, I’m more and more attracted to you" - 134340 by BTS
"We have to live in order to continue singing" - Life Goes On by BTS
"I’m not afraid of anything, world" - Dionysus by BTS
"I'm unbreakable, I'm a diamond, it's you who can't break me" - So What by BTS
"Can’t hold me down cuz you know I’m a fighter" - Dynamite by BTS
"I can be happy because you exist" - Mikrokosmos by BTS
"I will stay with you forever" - Epilogue: Young Forever by BTS
"My everything, my blood and tears got no fears" - Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
"You and I, different but together" - 21st Century Girl by BTS
"I want to breathe, I hate this night, I want to wake up" - Run by BTS
"I just wanna keep loving you, you’re my universe" - My Universe by Coldplay and BTS
"All I need is you in this life" - Life Goes On by BTS
"The night sky is so beautiful, let’s not waste it" - Outro: Her by BTS
"We'll meet again, let’s be happy" - Spring Day by BTS
"Forever we are young" - Young Forever by BTS
"We shine the brightest when we’re together" - 2! 3! by BTS
"If I’m with you, even the desert becomes the sea" - Heartbeat by BTS
"Even if it’s a dream, I want to stay by your side" - Dream Glow by BTS
"You can’t stop me from loving myself" - Idol by BTS
"I’m flying high in the sky with the two wings you gave me" - Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
"I want to be the one that makes your heart race" - Boy With Luv by BTS
"My blood, sweat and tears, even my body, heart and soul, I know they all belong to you" - Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
"I’ll show you the shining me, so I can make you smile" - Just One Day by BTS
"I'm the one I should love in this world" - Epiphany by BTS
"No more dreaming of a dead-end, we're going to keep going" - Not Today by BTS
"Your galaxy, I'm the star that shines for you" - Mikrokosmos by BTS
"Our memories, our smiles, everything, we’re all the same" - 2! 3! by BTS
"Even the scars formed from my mistakes are my very own constellation" - Mikrokosmos by BTS
"I'll be there, for you, for me" - 2! 3! by BTS
"I'm the one I should love" - Love Yourself: Answer by BTS
"My love is like a lie, but it's real" - Fake Love by BTS
"I love you, I love you, I love you, and I’ll keep saying it" - Magic Shop by BTS
"You shine in my eyes, so brightly" - 134340 by BTS
"I’ll be by your side, I’ll hold you tight" - Hold Me Tight by BTS
"You make everything right, everything makes sense when you’re with me" - Love Maze by BTS
"I'm addicted to your maze" - Love Maze by BTS
"I'm the one I should love in this world" - Love Yourself: Tear by BTS
"I'll show you what I got" - Mic Drop by BTS
"I’m flying high, chasing the stars freely" - Flying on My Own by BTS
"We are not seven with you" - You Never Walk Alone by BTS
"I want to hold you tighter so you won't feel lonely anymore" - The Truth Untold by BTS
"You’re my star, that shines brightly in my sky" - Filter by BTS
"Don't forget that you're not alone" - Epilogue: Young Forever by BTS
"You and I, we're together now and forever" - Like by BTS
"We can laugh if we're together" - Let Go by BTS
"I know I can't live without you" - Best of Me by BTS
"I'll be your love" - Love Maze by BTS
"Don’t be afraid, love is the way" - Life Goes On by BTS
"I'm so fine wherever I go" - IDOL by BTS
"Everywhere I go, everything is perfect" - Mikrokosmos by BTS
"I want to hold your hand and go to the other side of the earth" - Spring Day by BTS
"My heart's on fire for your love" - Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
"Let's run towards the end of the world" - Save Me by BTS
"My heart is beating as if it's my first love" - Run by BTS
"Even if I fall and get hurt, I'll keep running towards my dream" - Not Today by BTS
"You make everything okay" - 21st Century Girls by BTS
"You're the one who saved me, my only miracle" - Serendipity by BTS
"We're each other's night sky" - Two! Three! by BTS
"Let's smile, even on the hardest days" - So What by BTS
"I just wanna keep you safe, keep you safe from harm" - Young Forever by BTS
"I'm so afraid of falling, but I keep running towards the edge" - RUN by BTS
"I'm not going to change, I'm still the same me" - Anpanman by BTS
"Don't try to hide your true self, you're beautiful as you are" - Epiphany by BTS
"I'll become the best me, with you by my side" - Best Of Me by BTS
"We can smile because we're together" - Let Go by BTS
"I don't wanna die, but I don't wanna lie to myself" - Spring Day by BTS
"Love is nothing stronger than a boy with luv" - Boy With Luv by BTS
"I'm not afraid of the dark, because you're my flashlight" - Lights by BTS
"My heart's melody is all about you" - Filter by BTS
"Let's make a toast to the future" - Dynamite by BTS
"I believe in myself, my back hurts from my hard work" - Not Today by BTS
"My heart's on fire, for your love" - Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
"We're not seven with you" - You Never Walk Alone by BTS
"Our tomorrow may be dark, but we have today" - Boy With Luv by BTS
"I want to be your light in the darkness" - Stigma by BTS
"My heart will always go towards you" - Crystal Snow by BTS
"You make my heart race, you light up my world" - Go Go by BTS
"The world's harshness can't touch us, we'll hold each other's hands and fly" - Outro: Wings by BTS
"Let's dance in the moonlight, let's make it last forever" - Dynamite by BTS

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