117+ Instagram Captions to Announce Pregnancy

Announcing a pregnancy is one of the most thrilling moments in a couple’s life. It’s a time filled with joy, anticipation and a whole lot of love. With social media platforms like Instagram becoming an integral part of our lives, it’s no surprise that expectant parents are turning to creative and catchy captions to share their exciting news with friends, family, and the world. 

At CuteCaption.com, we understand the importance of finding the perfect words to express your happiness. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of Instagram captions specifically designed to announce a pregnancy. So, get ready to spread the love and excitement as you embark on this incredible journey.

Do You have some suggestions to make our captions even more adorable and engaging? We’ll select some of the most heartwarming, funny, or inspiring comments to showcase in our upcoming articles, giving you a chance to shine.

(You can paste the captions into your Instagram post by simply clicking, which will copy them to your clipboard.)

Our family is growing by two feet!
And then there were three...coming soon!
New adventures on the way! Baby bump alert!
Ready to embark on the journey of parenthood!
The best is yet to come...baby on the way!
Life's greatest miracle is happening inside me.
Adding a little love to our story...baby arriving soon!
Two hearts beating as one...soon to be three!

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Preparing for our greatest adventure yet!
Bumpin' our way into a new chapter of life!
Our family is growing, and we couldn't be more thrilled!
Tiny feet, big dreams...baby announcement!
A little miracle is on the way!
Love is multiplying...baby love coming soon!
We're excited to welcome our little bundle of joy!
Our hearts are about to double in size!
We've got a baby on board!
Making room for one more!
A little miracle is on the way!
Can't wait to meet our tiny bundle of joy!
Guess what? We're expecting!
Our family is growing...baby edition!

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The stork is on its way!
Our family is growing...baby love is on the way!
Baking a little bun in the oven!
The sweetest surprise is on its way!
Tiny toes, big dreams...baby announcement!
Love is multiplying, and our hearts are overflowing!
We're adding a new chapter to our love story...baby edition!
The best is yet to come...baby news!
Our hearts are full of anticipation for our little one!
Pregnancy glow in full bloom!
Creating a little miracle, one day at a time!
Our love is expanding...baby announcement!
Can't wait to hold our bundle of joy in our arms!
New beginnings with a little one on the way!
Building a family, one heartbeat at a time!
Tiny kicks, endless love!

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Making memories as a family of three soon!
A little baby will soon fill our home with love and laughter!
Our nest is about to get a lot cozier...baby on board!
We're on our way to becoming Mom and Dad!
Life's biggest blessing is on its way...baby announcement!
Counting down the days until our lives change forever!
Excited to share the journey of parenthood with our little one!
The adventure of a lifetime begins with a baby bump!
Love is multiplying, and our family is growing!
Nursery preparations in full swing!
Our hearts are bursting with love for our little arrival!
Ready to embrace the joys of parenthood!
Baby on the horizon...we couldn't be happier!
Creating a little magic, one tiny heartbeat at a time!
Welcoming our little bundle of joy with open arms!
We're about to become a party of three!
The world

 is about to meet our greatest masterpiece!
Our love story is expanding...baby edition!
Love is blossoming...baby announcement!
Our hearts are filled with anticipation for our little miracle!
The sweetest journey is about to begin...baby on the way!
Nurturing a little life within...baby news!
Our love is multiplying, and our family is growing by two feet!
Ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with our little one!
The most precious gift is on its way!
Life's greatest blessings come in small packages...baby announcement!
Our hearts are forever changed by the gift of parenthood!
We're preparing for a lifetime of love, laughter, and diapers!
The countdown to baby snuggles has begun!
Capturing the magic of new beginnings...baby on board!
Baby love is filling our hearts and our home!
We're thrilled to announce that our family is growing!
A little miracle is on the way to steal our hearts!
Our journey to parenthood is just beginning!
Love is in the air...and so is the pitter-patter of tiny feet!
Preparing for the best adventure yet...parenthood!
Our love is multiplying...baby news!
New addition coming soon!
Get ready for some baby spam!
Our greatest blessing is on the way!
Oh, baby! We're over the moon!
Our love story is getting a sweet little ending!
Baby fever in full swing!
Mom and Dad-to-be reporting for duty!
The countdown to baby joy has begun!
Ready or not, here comes our little one!
Tiny kicks, big dreams!
Our family is expanding...with tiny feet!
Life's greatest adventure starts now...with a baby!
Proof that love can create miracles...baby announcement!
A little bit of heaven is on the way!
Love is growing...baby edition!
We're adding a new branch to our family tree!
Happiness is on its way...baby on board!
Blessed beyond measure with a little one on the way!
Announcing the arrival of our future bundle of joy!
The tiniest feet are set to make the biggest footprints in our hearts!
Can't wait to meet the newest member of our tribe!
Building a crib, one heartbeat at a time!
Preparing for a little one's arrival with love and excitement!
Life is about to get a whole lot sweeter...baby announcement!
We're ready to embrace the beautiful chaos of parenthood!
Our hearts are overflowing with joy...baby news!
Excited to welcome our little bundle of happiness!
Life's best surprises come in small packages...baby on the way!
Love multiplied by two...baby announcement!
Nesting mode: Activated!
We're about to embark on a whole new level of love!
Creating a lifetime of memories, one baby step at a time!
We're growing by two feet and a heart full of love!

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